Codes & fees

Share classISINSEDOLBloombergEntry chargeOngoing charges
A Acc GBPGB00B3SRD718B3SRD71ACUKRAA:LN3.00%1.56%
A Inc GBPGB00B6919195B691919ACUKRAI:LN3.00%1.56%
B Acc GBPGB00B41NHD71B41NHD7ACUKIBA:LN5.00%0.81%
B Inc GBPGB00B4M24M14B4M24M1ACUKIBI:LN5.00%0.81%

Minimum investment: £1,000 lump sum or £50 regular saving premium.

Entry charges are fully discounted. The ongoing charges figure is based on expenses as at 31 May 2020. Charges are deducted from the capital of the Fund. This may allow more income to be paid, but it may also restrict capital growth.