Codes & fees

Share classISINSEDOLBloombergEntry chargeOngoing charges
A Acc GBPGB00B1RQR625B1RQR62PSIINCA0.00%1.73%
A Inc GBPGB00B1RQN640B1RQN64PSIINCI0.00%1.73%
B Acc GBPGB00B29LZ803B29LZ80PSIINIA0.00%0.98%
B Inc GBPGB00B29LZ795B29LZ79PSIINII0.00%0.98%

Minimum investment: £1,000 lump sum for B unit class and £1,000 lump sum for A unit class.

The ongoing charges figure is based on expenses for the year ending 30 September 2019 and may vary from year to year. Charges are deducted from the capital of the Fund. This may allow more income to be paid, but it may also restrict capital growth.