Codes & fees

Share classISINSEDOLBloombergEntry chargeOngoing charges
B Acc GBPGB00BD3H9L21BD3H9L2CFMIIBA:LN0.00%1.00%
B Inc GBPGB00BD3H9M38BD3H9M3CFMIIBI:LN0.00%1.00%
F Acc GBPGB00BD3H9N45BD3H9N4CFMIIFA:LN7.00%0.90%
F Inc GBPGB00BD3H9P68BD3H9P6CFMIIFI:LN7.00%0.90%

Minimum investment: £1000 lump sum for B share class and £100,000 lump sum for F share class. Regular saving £50 per month for the B share class.

The ongoing charges figure is based on expenses as at 31 May 2020. This figure may vary from year to year but is currently capped at a maximum of 1.00% for the B share class and 0.90% for the F share class. The ongoing charges are taken from the capital of the fund. They exclude portfolio transaction costs, except in the case of an entry/exit charge paid by the fund when buying or selling units in another collective investment undertaking.