Codes & fees

Share classISINSEDOLBloombergEntry chargeOngoing charges
A Acc GBPGB00B010Y517B010Y51RVMASGI:LN0.00%1.62%
B Acc GBPGB00B0525B66B0525B6CFMSTBA:LN0.00%0.87%
C Acc USDGB00B0BV9B55B0BV9B5CFMSTCA:LN0.00%1.86%

Minimum investment: £1,000 lump sum for A and B share classes and $5,000 lump sum for C share class. Regular saving £50 per month for A and B share classes.

Entry charges are fully discounted. The ongoing charges figure is based on expenses as at 30 June 2019.